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Save Money by Using a Hydrogen Fuel System

For years, scientists and researchers are trying to find alternative energy sources to fuel cars. They have reached conclusive studies after many years. The fact is, cars won’t run without fuel. But through a hydrogen …

How to Spend Less on Fuel

As if rising car insurance premiums were not enough for British motorists to work with, the cost of petrol is besides elevated. According to the Retail Motor Industry superficial Petrol Retailers Association, prices at the …

Fuel Efficient Cars, It Makes sense now!

As fuel prices around the world are soaring high, the car manufacturers are seeking new alternative sources to power their vehicles realizing that it is the only way to increase the profitability.

New Harley Davidson Runs on Potatoes

New Harley Davidson Runs On Potatoes Green geeks will spaz max when they see the new 2011 90 cc V-Twin Water-Cooled Harley Davidson “Green Machine”, guaranteed to carry your 45 kilo frame 50 klicks to …

Why is Fuel Economy Important?

All about fuel, saving money, changing climate, and wasting it… Why is Fuel Economy important? You can save a lot of money (around $1500) by simply choosing a vehicle that is efficient. Also, carbon dioxide …