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Lexus IS300 Luxury Cars Concept Review

Lexus IS300 Luxury Cars Concept Review

Distil the qualities that you find exhilarating and you quickly reach the core elements that spark individual desire.A fusion of passion and precision, balanced by incisive beauty and intelligent simplicity, they excite the senses, captivate the mind and satisfy the soul.

The distinctive Lexus IS300 is a stirring embodiment of the Lexus design philosophy captured in the concept L-finesse and actively expressed in the elemental qualities “Incisive Simplicity” “Intriguing Elegance” and “Seamless Anticipation”. Its striking presence exudes power and purpose. Fuelling anticipation from the very first touch, it immediately engages you in a passionate grip. The sophisticated sporting performance is vivid and compelling. The integration of advanced technologies injects smooth power and immediacy into the driving experience, fusing mind and body in an exhilarating rush.

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The fresh form and refined pleasures of the cabin provide a sublime feast for all the senses, built on a dedication to simplicity and quality in the smallest details. Beautiful to look at, satisfying to touch, and even enticing to listen to it warms the heart of everyone who enters its embrace. Attention to detail is the philosophy behind Lexus IS300 cars. Please take a little time to study the equipment available on this Lexus model. Water-repellent coat for windshield glass Side, rear glass and rear windscreen with UV reduction. Rain Sensor. Outside Rear view mirror and electrochromatic function. High-mount stop lamp. Moonroof; electronic tilt/slide.

The 2012 Lexus IS300 interior features with Optitron Meter, Leather Steering Wheel with Audio Switches, Paddle Switch on Steering Wheel Wood and leather steering wheel and shift lever knob, Wood Trim, Rear Sun Shade, Rear arm rest, Power Window (all doors); one touch mode with jam protection system, Electrochromatic inside rear view mirror, Vanity mirrors with lamps (front seat), Cup holders (front), Door pockets (all doors) Illuminated entry system and Deodorant air-filter to remove dust, pollen, and bad odour.

EBD optimises the 2012 Lexus IS300 performance of the car’s ABS anti-lock braking system. ABS prevents an individual wheel from locking by cutting brake pressure as soon as a skid is detected. EBD takes this approach into another dimension. It can, for instance, adjust the braking force between the front and rear wheels to suit the car’s load and road conditions, or brake the wheels on one side slightly harder than the other to maintain stability during a corner. Speed sensors on all four wheels detect when one or more wheels are about to lock up. The  Lexus IS300 system instantly calculates which wheels need to be braked and which need to be released. This information is relayed to the Brake Actuator which then distributes the brakeforce to each wheel accordingly. Result: stable, safer braking, whether you’re travelling in a straight line or round a corner.

Traditionally, a heavy load makes ordinary headlamps point skywards, which reduces the spread of the beam and dazzles oncoming drivers. The Headlamp Control System takes care of refocusing the beam back on the road automatically. Sensors on the front and rear axle detect the horizontal level of your car and adjusts the lights according. It’s just one more thing you don’t have to worry about.

2012 Lexus IS300 with Bluetooth telephone connectivity allows you to wirelessly integrate a compatible mobile phone and offers hands-free communication. Wherever your phone is in the car, the hands-free system is activated. The phone can be controlled from the unique touch-screen EMV (Electric Multi-vision screen), which stores up to 500 numbers, while sound is channelled through the car’s speaker system. The system even allows you to call the phone numbers of places such as art galleries, museums and restaurants by simply touching the screen. Some Bluetooth phones are better than others at making the most of all these features, so please ask your Lexus Retailer for advice on compatible handsets.

Even the most experienced drivers sometimes fail to apply enough pressure to the brake pedal in an emergency. That’s where Brake Assist comes in. During an emergency, your foot comes off the throttle and on to the brake pedal faster than normal, which you then depress with more urgency than usual. This Lexus IS300 is registered by on-board sensors. Next, a brake pedal load-sensing switch and speed sensor determine if you have braked hard enough. If not, the system instantly determines how much extra braking force is required. Then the brake actuator distributes the extra braking force to all four wheels to help you achieve smooth, safe, maximum braking. It all happens in a split second and is so unobtrusive that you’ll probably never know that Brake Assist has been at work.

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